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A Cool Old Truck

Jerry Armato's

1949 3/4-Ton Chevy Pickup

"Old Blue"

27 December 2004

From Jerry:

     I found this beauty in the front yard of a house here in the Chicago area. Someone had started restoring her but never got to see the final restoration and the real beauty they had.

     The truck's frame had been shortened enough to accept a 1/2-ton bed. The rear of the truck was missing the bed and rear fenders. No running boards and half the front was off. The orighinal 235 6 cylinder engine had been completely rebuilt.

     This was my first restoration project and I felt that maybe this was something I could handle. Wow what a job! It took over a year to find all the parts. I purchased a parts manual and between your Stovebolters who shared their experiences and offered suggestions, eBay and the internet, it finally all came together.

     Thanks to all the Stovebolters out there, without their help I don't think I could have finished "Old Blue." What really pushed the project along was my wife. She told me this fall that she WAS NOT going to park her car outside for another winter. Move it or loose it. Well, finally in October I finished my project. I took Old Blue up to our cabin in Norther Minnesota where she will be living out the next half century.

     Thanks much and enjoy the pictures!

Jerry Armato
Naperville, IL

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