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A Cool Old Truck

Kris Schneider's

1972 Chevy Cheyenne / 20

26 December 2004

From Kris:

    Here are pictures of my 1972 Cheyenne / 20. I paid a whopping $250 for the truck and drug it out of a field where it had been sitting since '91. With a friend's help, we had it running in a day and putting around the yard. This will be my daily driver once it gets registration on it.

    The truck has a factory 350/TH350, quadrajet and points, PS, PB, 4.11 rear gears, steel bed floor and a lot of trim that was removed by the previous owner for reasons I'm unsure of -- but it would have been removed anyway. I just need to finish out the "speed holes" that the long-gone trim left behind. Eventually planning on shaving the antenna, tailgate and door handles and adding a tonneau, but there are other things I'd like to replace/repair first.

    Currently the truck is getting the EFI treatment with a TBI setup from an '89 Suburban before it sees active duty as my daily driver. Future plans include IRS, a manual transmission with overdrive and some custom tuning on the fuel injection. Going to give the local Hondas and Mustangs a run for their money, that's for sure.     

    Check out my site for more information and pictures of the truck and related projects -- and my toolbox computer "the craftshiba."


Kris Schneider


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