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1957 GMC NAPCO Panel

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07 December 2004

From Mike:

          Here's a picture of my truck. It's a 1957 GMC NAPCO Panel, 302 inliner buffed out with all Patrick's speed parts. I've owned it for about four years. It has a long way to go but I have the time.

          The truck was originally a Civil Defense vehicle in St. Louis. It had a 270ci but motor it was tired. I kept the original engine as long as I could but I had to let it go when we moved here (California) from Idaho. I left it as a six since it seemed like more fun since everyone and their brother has a V8. Also I got a great deal on this nice 302 motor I couldn't pass up. It has a PTO winch on the front that works great, too. I've only seen one other one like it on the NAPCO Owners Group site but those guys aren't very talkative over there.

          I'm trying to keep it as stock as I can but a few things will get changed along the way.

          Overall it's just great fun to own. I enjoy it quite a bit.

          I enjoy your site.


Mike Hennequin
Monterey, California

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