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Chevy Truck Manuals :: 1960 - 1966
By Woogeroo
1965 Chevy Long Wheel Base
The House of Woogeroo
  Updated April 2010

     I started thinking back to when I first got my truck - a '65 C-10 Stepside LWB, and pondering which manuals I needed for my truck. I started finding out about when the changes were made to what, and I started noticing how aggravating it was trying to get any straight answers out of the old truck guys (or maybe it was truck guys who were old ...). So, I did some kicking around on the 'Bolt here, the '60-'66 forum on, and also asked some over on I then 'scoured' the net and got the information presented here.

      The 1960 truck model year was designed one way and did not see major changes until the 1963 model year. Then in 1964, the windshield and doors were redesigned. In 1965 the colors of the wires in the electrical wiring harness were changed to the recently agreed upon national standard. On the 1966 model year truck, the emergency brake cable system is completely different from the previous five model years. These are a few reasons as to why you might want to get the appropriate manuals for your truck.

     You'll need to know what year model your truck is. come do a Stovebolt Google -- we have lots on information on VIN's - finding them, figuring them out, etc. Once you've got the year, start below with the column on the left. The column on the right lists the various manuals and other literature that are available for that year model truck. Each Chevrolet truck shop manual has a small code on the lower right corner of the front cover, which is indicated here in red.

1960 Chevy Truck

1960 Chevy Truck Shop Manual [ S&M 22 ]
1960 Silver Book
1960 CHEVROLET Trucks Accessories Installation Reference Manual
1960 CHEVROLET Truck Sales Data Book

1961 Chevy Truck

1960 Chevy Truck Shop Manual [ S&M 33 ]
1961 Chevy Truck Shop Manual Supplement
1961 Silver Book
1961 CHEVROLET Trucks Accessories Installation Reference Manual
1961 CHEVROLET Truck Sales Data Book

1962 Chevy Truck

1960 Chevy Truck Shop Manual [ ST 9 ]
1962 Chevy Truck Shop Manual Supplement
1962 Silver Book
1962 CHEVROLET Trucks Accessories Installation Reference Manual
1962 CHEVROLET Truck Sales Data Book

1963 Chevy Truck

1963 Chevy Truck Shop Manual [ ST 22 ]
1963 Silver Book
1963 CHEVROLET Trucks Accessories Installation Reference Manual
1963 CHEVROLET Truck Sales Data Book

1964 Chevy Truck

1963 Chevy Truck Shop Manual [ ST 35 ]
1964 Chevy Truck Shop Manual Supplement
1964 Silver Book
1964 CHEVROLET Trucks Accessories Installation Reference Manual
1964 CHEVROLET Truck Sales Data Book

1965 Chevy Truck

1963 Chevy Truck Shop Manual [ ST 61 ]
1965 Chevy Truck Shop Manual Supplement
1965 Silver Book
1965 CHEVROLET Trucks Accessories Installation Reference Manual
1965 CHEVROLET Truck Sales Data Book

1966 Chevy Truck

1963 Chevy Truck Shop Manual [ ST 75 ]
1966 Chevy Truck Shop Manual Supplement
1966 Silver Book
1966 CHEVROLET Trucks Accessories Installation Reference Manual
1966 CHEVROLET Truck Sales Data Book

      There is also a 1960 - 1966 Chevy Truck Factory Assembly manual. This manual has drawings and diagrams of many areas of the truck and show many details that can be handy when trying to restore or just fix things. The reprint of this manual has handy information, but can be a pain for finding things, as there are no page numbers nor an index for finding exactly what you are looking for. When you find things of interest, we suggest using a sticky note to mark it.

      Note for GMC owners:  according to Jolly at the GMC site for 1960-1974 GMC's, this particular manual has no GMC truck related drawings in it. He would know as he has several GMC trucks and lots of literature related to them.

     "Dvalentine" from (60-66 trucks & vans forum) sent information about another Manual. This one is year specific -- the Factory ACCESSORY Installation Manual. It covers all models for that year, not just trucks. It is very informative in the areas of the Heater and A/C electrical wiring.

      Also, each year model truck had an Operators Manual for it, detailing what switches do what and other things.

The Silver Book

LILRED66 provided us this information and pictures about the Silver Books.

A "Silver Book" was material sent out to the dealerships to help the salesmen with the promotion and information about the trucks. The book, entitled "1966 Silver Book - Engineered Vocational Equipment For Chevrolet Trucks" (or sometimes referred to as "The Silver Book for 1966 Catalog of Engineered Vocational Equipment for Chevrolet Trucks), began with this information inside the front cover:

Your double goal in selling Chevrolet trucks is to make a profit and to build customer good will so they will think first of you when again in need of new trucks. The SILVER BOOK IS DESIGNED ESPECIALLY TO HELP YOU ACHIEVE BOTH OF THESE AIMS.

The SILVER BOOK provides you with a vast fund of information about the special equipment that purchasers need to enable a truck to satisfactorily perform a particular job. It tells you about the equipment itself, who
manufacturers it, and where it may be obtained.

There is a Silver Book for each of the years from 1960 through 1966. (I am not sure about the earlier and later years, but I am sure they had them for other years, as well.) The book covers:

CHEVROLET Truck Specifications
Toppers, Campers and Coaches
Utility Beds, Grain Beds and Farm Bodies
Aluminum Bodies, Step-Vans & Special Needs Equipment
Bumpers & Grille Guards
School Buses, School Bus Conversions, Ambulances,
   Crew Cabs & Limos
Air-Ride Seats
Delco-Remy Equipment
Filtering Systems
Fuel Tanks (specifically for heavy-duty models)
Hubs, Suspension Systems & Braking Systems
Wheels & Tires
Winches, PTO's & Towing
Snow Plows
Specialized Bodies & Utility Boxes
Fire Trucks, Dump Beds & Garbage Beds

      The different manuals mentioned above are sometimes available used at swap meets and on-line auction web sites. You can get new reprints from many vendors on-line. See our Lots O' Links page for vendors and publications (American Classic Truck Parts also carries shop manuals, owners manuals and factor assembly manuals for these years -- and others). Check our Swap Meet ... if your looking or selling. We have a "literature" section -- and it's free!!

      Here's another tip for you. Call the Chevrolet Customer Assistance Center at 1-800-222-1020. Ask for a "Restoration Package." Read the Tech Tip for all the details.

      One final note, there is an Old Car Manuals Project ("Old Iron On Line") and specifically a section for old Chevy Cars and Trucks. All free info! As of this date, the truck site doesn't have '60-'66 specific information but you may find some things in either of these sites that still will be helpful to getting your Stovebolt baby on the road again!




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