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A Cool Old Truck

Justin Piper's

1940 1/2-Ton Chevy

01 December 04

From Justin:

         This is my first restoration of a 1940 1/2-ton and well -- it is going to be a fun challenge.

         I found the truck out in a guy's shed, per se, in Virginia were I live. I stopped one day and looked at it and that is when I got hooked on it. It took me about two weeks to finally decide to buy it but I feel like it was a VERY good idea.

         I am the fourth original owner. The truck has a little over 22k on it and looking at the original title I have, the odo has never rolled over.

         It was originally bought in Arizona as a Park Rangers' truck. The last owner had it since he was just a little kid -- his Dad had bought it for him.

         I live in Franklin, VA and so far have found this to be a good site with a lot of information and I hope it keeps up like that.

Justin Piper
Franklin, VA

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