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A Cool Old Truck

Steve McNeil's

1972 3/4-Ton Chevy

01 December 04

From Steve:

          I found the Stovebolt Page web site while browsing for older Chevy's and thought it was great.

          I purchased my 1972 3/4-ton when I was 17 and have had it since. I haven't done alot of work to it other than some small engine work and a little body work after some of the mishaps I have had going to the mountains.

          My truck has a stock 350 with the original 4 speed tranny. It has the original tilt seering and the A/C works which is nice. The body is a little rough but she runs great and I have never had any major mechanical problems.

          I am in the process not of restoring it but it is hard since I am an active duty service member so not alot of extra time. My future plans are a paint job and some engine upgrades but not too much -- trying to leave it as original as possible but still have fun with it.

          I would love to have my truck on your website.

Thank You.

Steve McNeil

          And here she is! We aim to please ~~ Editor

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