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A Cool Old Truck

Rob Holden's

1962 Chevy Fleetside

13 December 2004

From Rob H:

     I picked up my '62 Fleet about a year and a half ago and intended to drive it somewhat daily. However, a lack of familiarity quickly bit me in the quarter panels. Basically, the 40 year old brake hoses blew out on me in traffic. That was a hectic five seconds but fortunately I was able to get it to the side of the road (no shoulder on my side, had to cross three lanes of traffic, two opposing ...). I had just put roadside assistance on the truck so it got a flatbed lift home courtesy of the insurance company.

     After replacing the hoses, I drove it a while longer before I realized that the engine was truly all original. That is, the valve seats were not hardened. Unleaded fuel was killing the motor quickly. So I pulled off a swap for some updated heads, picked up a factory aluminum intake, and bought a rebuilt Rochester 4 bbl. While I was at it, I bought a new HEI distributor. I thought I had it road worthy again.

     Apparently, the factory intake doesn't quite line up with the ported and polished heads I acquired so I've had some leaking issues. Also, the midships bearing was totally seized up but fortunately, the rubber tore loose, not the housing. About $200 later, I had a completely rebuilt balanced driveshaft and bearing. No more funny noises from the bearing bouncing around in the housing.

     I decided I need to find a new engine, update the brakes, and generally get serious with controlling the rust issues plaguing the truck. So now it sits in the driveway semi-disassembled, waiting for me to make time and room in the garage to work on it.

     So, these pictures still somewhat reflect the current condition of the truck, minus some minor body work and the engine work I competed on it.




Rob Holden

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