David Francis'

1965 Chevy C-20

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4 July 2006
# 1578

From David::

           Hi all! After having been on The Stovebolt Page for more than two years now, I'm finally finished enough for some pics.

           My '65 C20 was my daily driver until last September when gas prices hit $3 a gallon. I bought a commuter car which also allowed me opportunity to work on the truck. I could just rip things apart and not have to worry about having it back together come Monday morning.

           I've done all the work myself with the help of many fellow Stovebolters. I most recently did the body work.

           It was a Colorado truck and had a ton of rust and 50 or so miscellaneous drilled holes to fill. Each fender had about 10 lbs. of bondo. It's got a 292 with a WC T5 transmission, air spring suspension, 1960 hood, '58-59 headlights and the grille is custom made by me. Wheels are 16.5 with Denman 8 ply bias tires.

           Hopefully, it'll be in paint by the end of summer. I've included a couple before and after pics as it's a fairly drastic change.

           Thanks you guys for such an awesome site!


David Francis
Bolter # 4438
San Diego, California

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