Ed Foley's

1956 Chevy 1/2-Ton Shortbed

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25 July 2006
# 1600

From Ed :

           Hi all! The new addition to our family is this '56/'55 ˝-ton shortbed. It’s a '56 body with '55 front fenders.

           Not 100% original, but I still really like it. It will be a nice first project for my retirement years.

           Three years ago I was cleaning my garage and tools, found the brake adjuster I got in 1969 and hadn’t used in years. Figured I would never use it again. So I got rid of it. Bought me a new one this morning.

           Won the truck on eBay. It was in Montana. Getting it shipped here was a lot easier that expected. I used “Showroom Transport.”

           Great site you have. Will use it lots, I’m sure.

Ed Foley
Bolter # 11607
Redlands, California

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