Angel Carrillo Castillo's

1954 Chevy 1/2-Ton Pickup

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20 July 2006
# 1586

From Angel:

           My Father-in-law gave me his 1/2-ton '54 Chevy pickup back on April (I keep telling my wife he did that because I married her and deserved some kind of reward). I brought it from Culiacan, Sinaloa, Mexico. To get it here was a whole odyssey. There are around 2000 miles between the cities. The first 1000 miles (from Culiacan to the border at McAllen, Texas) this truck came using a professional mover. From the border, I used one of those U-haul trailers. There were 150 miles from Monterrey, Mexico to the border, I had to use a dolly trailer. That was really nice! I started the trip at around 21:00 and finished at 03:00 (and only 150 miles). I did have to stop at the half of the way because the rear brakes got stuck. Then I'm there around midnight with no tools, only a jack stock and a light.

           The truck is in good shape, no rust at all, only the normal wearing inside the cab, a lot of dents, some mechanical parts are worn, as well as old paint. It does have the 235 engine which I'm assuming is the original. There is no white or black smoke at all and the spark plugs not wet. It is a 4 speed at floor transmission. I thought it was the original, but I found the rear axle is not. It was changed when they removed the torque tube. I think the rear axle is from a Chevy 3/4-ton '68. I don't know if they had to change the transmission when changed the driveline system but I think they had. Front axle is in good condition. The only bad thing I found was the king ping is welded to the wheel. So whenever it requires to be changed, I guess I will have to replace the whole axle.

           The electrical system is 12 volt, but the battery is on the hood instead of inside the cab. It will require a huge electrical job, all cables are in bad shape.

Angel R Carrillo Castillo
Bolter # 11062
Fort Smith, Arkansas

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