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1951 Chevy 5-window 1/2-Ton 3100


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4 July 2006
# 1579

From Blake:

        This truck's nickname is Mary. I bought the truck in 1997 when I was still in high school. At the school, I rebuilt what I thought was the original 216. It turned out when I sent it off to the machine shop they told me it is a 235 from '54. I also rebuilt/replaced the brake system and had the all the broken glass replaced. The truck was licensed and I drove it around for fun for about a year.

        Now it's been almost ten years since I bought the truck and it has sat in the garage most of that time. I would start her up from time to time to make sure the engine was ok and to keep the old six volt battery charged. I have since gotten married, had a son, have another one on the way and am a senior in college! I was able to build a garage on the side of my house in the last year and this past weekend I finally brought old Mary over to my house (my Dad was very happy to finally get his garage back!). This is a picture of the garage (that is almost finished) that the '51 now resides in.

        I am real excited to get back to working on her and to someday finish what I started so many years ago. In the past few years I was able to replace the cab corners and driver side outer cowl panel but as the pictures show, there is still a lot to do. The goal is to keep her as original as possible while making her fun and safe to drive. I purchased a new ring and pinion gear set to lower the rpm's while cruzing but haven't been able to do anything with it yet. I'm sure I will be asking for advice on that step when time comes. My goal is to add a new intake manifold with the three one barrel carbs on it. Not to go fast but because I think it looks so good under the hood on other Stovebolts!

        I don't know much of the history of the truck. I bought it out of the classifieds here in Salt Lake City, Utah. The guy only had it for less than a year. He found it sitting in a field in a farm somewhere up in Idaho.

        I love The Stovebolt Page and really enjoy reading everyone's stories in the Gallery. So, here are a few pictures of Mary in her new home. My son Mason thinks it is his new play toy. Start them off young!

Blake Anderson
Bolter # 11469
Salt Lake City, Utah

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