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After some serious thinking, time for Awards

     We usually get the contest started before we get prizes (hence we call them "sur-prizes" -- once we get them, we'll have a Prize page). We like to give out as many prizes as we can, so prizes will be awarded as follows:

  • Overall -- First Place, Second Place, Honorable Mention and Peoples' Choice recognition may be awarded, depending upon submissions.
  • By Category -- First Place recognition will be awarded in each of the eight categories. Other awardees may be identified depending upon submissions.

Check out some of the entries from other years:

  • 2008 - The Great Stovebolt Bailout
  • 2007 - 'Nuff said
  • 2006 - We don't need no stinkin' theme
  • 2005 - Back to the Future
  • 2004 - Election Year Politics
  • 2002 - Stovebolterfest
  • 2001 - A Stovebolt Odyssey
  • 2000 - Y2K You?
  • 1999 - The beginning

  • No parts of this site, its contents, photos or graphics may be used without permission.

    Copyright © 1995-2023
    Leonardtown, Maryland

         Everyone loves pictures of old trucks. We certainly have lots of them all over this site. But this contest is about illustrating ... The Big Lie. Everyone who's been around this hobby longer than 15 minutes has heard it when responding to an ad in the paper or stopping to check out an old truck on the side of a country road with a "For Sale" sign in the window ... The old guy (or gal) comes out and tells you ... "It's a good ole truck and it ran when I parked it."

         Of course Calvin Coolidge was president at the time, but no matter -- even though it's a complete wreck and Barry Weeks would probably make a flower planter out of it, the truck MUST be worth $25,000 because ... It Ran when I Parked It! 

         2008 Contest: The Great Stovebolt Bailout
         DEADLINE - Midnight (EST), December 8. Winners will be announced December 15.

         Got Image??? Jerry "AgriHawg" Fendley was a big winner in the 2007 IRWIPI contest. He's put togehter a tip sheet to help others catch that prize-winning photo. So, check out some of his pointers and see if it'll improve your game some!

    Judging Categories

         Based upon years of IRWIPI Submission Research, Judging will be done in eight basic categories, or genres if you will.  Be sure to pick one for your submissions! They are:

    • Abandonment Aesthetica
    • Flora-Trucka
    • Farm Still Life
    • Elemental Reversion
    • Truck on a Stick
    • Cold Storage
    • "Parts is Parts"
    • "Junk Yard Dogs"

    Abandonment Aesthetica

    1. Abandonment Aesthetica

        Probably the most popular, and well represented category, this genre covers those trucks left to die (or were dragged dead) in a conveniently beautiful or scenic spot.  Easily recognized by an old truck reposing in dramatic or pleasing form next to a conveniently weathered farm building or old loading dock, these have potential.  

    2. Flora-Trucka

        The Flora-Trucka category is the ever popular and, pardon the pun, ever-green, collection of derelicts with nature’s beauty growing in, on or through them.  A sub-genre is the well-known “A Tree Grows Through It” category of de rigueur trees-through-the-engine-compartment kitsch.  Delightful, if somewhat cliché at this point.

    3. Farm Still Life    

         Harder to find, but oh so worth the effort (my personal favorite among the genres) are the Farm Still Life submissions.   Farm trucks that died with their boots on, so to speak, populate this creative genre that is sadly disappearing from the American landscape at an alarming rate as aesthetic family farms succumb to the developer's dozer and their aesthetically abandoned farm trucks get shipped to China to become X-Boxes ...

    4. Elemental Reversion

         Perhaps the penultimate IRWIPI category is Elemental Reversion, a genre that generally depicts trucks that have the “Dust to dust, ashes to ashes” thing down cold and are well on their way to returning to the basic elements from which they sprang.  Submit an original and well-composed ER shot and you're sure to have a prize winner!

    5. Truck on a Stick

         One of our perennial favs is the always fun genre of Truck on a Stick.  The trucks of this genre are as subtly “art” as tossing an atom bomb at someone is “diplomacy.”  This genre never fails to bring a smile to the face of even the most NOS-NAZI of us all.

    6. Cold Storage

        The ole Abominable Snow Truck shot. Old Man Winter meets Old Tin! This category either literally captures the essence of the old truck on ice, or figuratively ... How creative can you be?

    7. Parts is Parts

         These are shots of parts trucks, project trucks and other vehicles conveniently located within the submitter’s shop or just outside the back door.  The most convenient of the categories so don't strive for mediocrity by snapping a happy of yer parts truck -- find a creative way to illustrate the magnificent sacrifice one truck makes in laying down its own life so that another may live.

    8. Junk Yard Dogs

         When all else fails, head to your local wrecking yard.  Junk yards are cool -- especially ones with older vehicles. There are nice shots to be had in an old wrecking yard so put some time into it and find 'em!

    Take me to the current contest!
    I'm ready to play!

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