Dave Waldman's

1963 Chevy C-20 Custom Cab

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06 July 2006 Update


From Dave:

           I thought you might like a picture of my '63 taken this last weekend as we went camping. It is a '63 C-20 with the Custom Cab, big back window and a 283 small block.

           Since I bought the truck in 2000, I have done some changes to her.

  • Swapped out the stock 4.56 rear with a 4.11 from a 70 3/4-ton
  • Installed dual master cylinder power brakes
  • Replaced the bed wood
  • Rhino Coated the bed sides
  • Put two wheel well tool boxes on the sides
  • Top end overhaul on the origianl 283
  • Swapped the Powerglide for a 700 R4
  • Painted inside and out

           Here are more pictures showing the bed and the interior.

           It's been a little while working on her -- doing a little bit at a time as the money and time become available. I still drive it every day to and from work and have a great time doing it.

           She's almost done. Now some air conditoning and maybe a swap to a 350 for a little more power.

           I love this Chevy and she has been my daily driver for the last five years.

Dave Waldman
Bolter # 518
San Diego, California
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10 May 2000

From Dave

           Hello. Here is a pix of my '63 C-20. A true So-Cal truck, it was originally sold in La Mesa and has never been out of the San Diego area. It was my Christmas present to myself and had only 65,000 miles on it when I bought it.

           It is my daily driver and I just had it painted at Moore Street Auto Body in San Diego. I still need to restore the bed, and it will take me a little while to get the scratch together to do it but I wouldn't want to spend the money on anything else.

Dave Waldman

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