Ithaca College's

1970 Chevy C-60 Watertruck

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25 July 2006
# 1602

From Mark:

           Howdy: I love this web site! I spend hours looking at the old Stovebolts and the great things that have been done to them. I'll have my own someday ... soon.

           The truck I am submitting isn't mine. It belongs to Ithaca College. It was here when I started as a grounds keeper in 1987. At that time it still had the fuel oil delivery tank on it and had been given a quick coat of blue paint. During the winter of 1990-91, it was given a make-over in our Transportation Shop. The old tank was removed and a fiberglass tank was installed. The pump was retained as was the powered hose reel and all sorts of plumbing extras were added.

           Now it is a summer "daily driver" used to water plants and flowers on campus. It sits all winter, so it hasn't seen salt since its remake It has a Big Block that I think is a 330 cu. in., a manual five speed with a two-speed rear end that is disabled (not much use on campus), and Armstrong power steering. A day in this beast is a work out, especially at 88 degrees and 88% humidity! I sweated away many a day in this beast.


Mark Darling
Ithaca, New York

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