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1957 Chevy 1/2-Ton

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20 July 2006
# 1591

From Scott:

           Hey there. Me and my truck are originally from Eastern Oregon. My Dad bought the truck in 1962 and I arrived on scene in January of 1963. I took my first ride in the Bolt on the way home from the hospital. Since then, I canít count all the times I have ridden in it, or driven it. I can still remember one of my first drives. I think the steering wheel moved a complete half turn back and forth, while driving straight down the road.

           Hunting, camping, hauling a half dozen school friends back and forth to lunch and so many other things come to mind when I think back on all we have done with it.

           The original 265 went out when I was about 14 and Dad found a 396 and a turbo 400 to replace it. Then in the mid '90s, I talked him into going back to a small block. The '57 was his daily driver and he did just that -- drove it every day. About two years ago the transmission finally went out for good and Dad parked it. He picked him up something a little more suited for the hauling he does now.

           We had always talked about me fixing it up and after retiring from the Air Force and giving my truck to my graduating son. We decided it was time to go get it. Iím making a road trip in the next month or two to get it, and hope to be driving it soon after dragging it home (Southern New Mexico). I plan on keeping it as stock as I can, with the exception of air conditioning in it and maybe four wheel drive under it.

           Love the look of the stock wheels and hubcaps. Even though Iím not a big fan of the paint color, Iíll repaint it the same. My Dad's idea of a truck is a tool to do the job at hand. When it broke, he fixed it. When it was dirty, it was dirty. Donít think he ever put soap and sponge to it, but he did use it. I plan on doing the same, even after fixing it -- a daily driver it will be. Hauling fire wood, motorcycles and who knows what. Taking it hunting and to the drive in on Saturday night. Maybe pulling my 1957 Morris Minor to the shows, after I get it done?

           Anyway, I just wanted to show off a little bit of the Janssen history. Our '57 is part of the family and I hope to pass it on to a son or grandson some day myself -- after I get to play with it for a while. My wife (Melanie) is all for it. We have built a few toys together over the years and knowing that this one will be a driver, she is looking forward to it as well. Iíll get some new pictures once I get it home.

           Thanks for giving us somewhere to show off and to visit with others who share our love for the old Chevyís.

Scott Janssen
Bolter # 11623
Alamogordo, New Mexico

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