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1966 Chevy C-20


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07 July 2006
# 1584

From Chris:

           Here are pictures of my new, white '66 C-20. I've always loved this body style ever since I was little when my neighbor had one I used to ride around in. As fate would have it, I found this one about five miles from my house. These pictures were taken where I bought the truck. The blue '66 is not mine (I wish). The other is "Mater" -- named by my kids from the new movie "Cars."

           In the near future I hope to restore / restomod her to her previous state. (Although the "boss" made me promise I wouldn't do anything to it anytime soon -- we just got done with a Camaro. )

           I was hoping by joining this group I could find out more about my truck, I think it might be kind of rare. It still has the factory option sticker in the glove box. Here is part of that list:

           They are all still there and in working order as far as I can tell so far. Even without those original options, I would still love it. According to the guy I bought it from, I am the third owner.

           Anyway, thanks for a great site. I look forward to learning from the "old timers" and hopefully helping out other owners anyway I can.

Chris Kehl
"mater "
Bolter # 11532
Shelbyville, Indiana

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