Barry Wright's

1953 GMC 1/2-Ton 4 x 4

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06 July 2006
# 1580

From Barry:

           I have a couple old trucks but the '53 is my favorite. She's been in the family for about seven years now.

           I bought her from a fellow in Little Fort, British Columbia. That's in Canada for anyone not good with geometry. About 150 miles from my home in Revelstoke, British Columbia. I saw her there when I was passing thru on holidays in 1998.

           I've got her setting on all the running gear from a 1978 Jimmy. A 400 small block, 400 turbo auto tranny and 373 gears in the diffs. We take her camping every year, pulling a small camper trailer and love all the head turning and attention she attracts.

           Really like The Stovebolt Pages. There is a wealth of knowledge to be had there and I have got some really good info in helping me get my '53 where it is today.

           Thanks for letting me show my truck here and keep on Stovebolting.

Barry Wright
Bolter # 4949
Revelstoke, British Columbia

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