Tim Hightower's

1965 Chevy Pickup

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06 July 2006
# 1582

From Tim :

           This is my '65 that I "restified" this past spring. I bought the truck from a co-worker for $1350. It was in pitiful shape when purchased. The project took me about 90 days working every evening from 5:00 pm until about 11 pm and on weekends.

           I gave it a full body massage including welded in patch panels. The front bumper has a custom drop and mold job. The rear also has a custom roll pan. The inline 6 was replaced with a 415 hp small block with a 100 hp nitros shot. The th350 tranny is from Luke Jackson with a 2500 stall. A Richmond gear locker with 3:73 gears gets both wheels hooking.

           The truck gets lots of attention and I really enjoy playing with it.


Tim Hightower
Bolter # 10136
Sugar Valley, Georgia

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