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Mike Albens'

1951 Chevy 1/2-Ton

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18 July 2005

From Mike:

Hi! I submitted my truck a few years back. It is a 1951 Chevy 1/2-ton. The truck used to be blue. I informed your readers that I intended to transform the truck back to the original look as much as possible, and am submitting a photo.




Wow, still a great-looking truck. And me-thinks we need an update of the little person, too. ~~ Editor



July 2000

From Mike:

Well, here is my 1951 truck we just purchased from a 75 year old gentleman in rural Virginia, who didn't have room for it anymore. Ah yes, believe it or not .. this was the exact condition that we purchased it in

My five year old wants to sleep in it. I think well just go for ice cream instead on nice summer nights.

It's all its all stock/original, except for the tires and wheels ... which he put on for a smoother ride so his wife would drive with him .. HAHA ... So, the only thing we're going to do is put back the original wheels/tires/hubs ... and maybe add some stakes (we like the old farm look).

A great guy, and incredible truck man, Mike Harrell from southwest Virginia found the truck for us. We had searched (in vain) for a truck like this, only to be frustrated by "just sold" and rip-off artists trying to sell bondo covered rust buckets (sound familiar?). I met a gentleman (online) who goes by the handle "Oldcarkook, who directed me to Mike. Turned out to be the most honest stranger I've ever met. I now call him a friend.

Me and my wife drove down (Grandma watched the four kiddies) and the next night, she was in our garage. Everyone involved has called afterward to see how we're doing. Its been unbelievably amazing.

Mike Albens

(The image seemed dark ... but it looks like a midnight blue ... so we left it like we got it ... beautiful truck - editor)

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