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1954 Chevrolet 6400 Dump

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06 July 2005

From J. K.: 

       Hello. I would like to submit my truck and its story for the gallery.

       My "new" truck is a 1954 Chevrolet 6400 Series with a dump bed. It has a 235 (I think), four-speed transmission, and 2-speed rear end.

       It started out as a delivery truck for a local lumberyard. It changed hands a few times, but my Grandpa ended up with it. He went through it, replacing parts and gave it a good tune up. With a good tune up, carb kit, muffler, etc., it was ready for work. Pops used it to haul topsoil up to our house site on the hill from the bottom land because it was basically just rock on the hill. He used it for a couple of years. However, it has been parked at his house now for about 15 years. In that time, rats and wasps have made it their inhabitance. Rust has gotten rustier. Old tires have gotten older.

       Hopefully, I will be able to change all of that. My Grandma, the current owner, told me that I could have it. My wife okayed it (sort of). Since I am a student at Oklahoma State University, I can't really work on it in my neighborhood. So it will have to be a weekend project for the next year or so until I get out of school.

       I am currently just trying to get it running again. I want to see what it drives like before I tear into it. Right now, I don't really have a place to tear it down and work on it like it needs. I eventually want to go through, repair, sandblast, and repaint everything. But I want it to continue to be a worker. I want it to be a nice truck but not afraid to get dirty.

       Any pointers or advice that anyone has, please let me know. If you're around Stillwater, OK or Wilburton, OK (where the truck is), look me up and we'll share stories. I would like to thank all of you in advance for the help and questions answered -- I know I'll need all the help I can get!

       Thank you for a very informative site for old Bolts. Looking at other people's work and hearing the stories is really inspiring. Thank you very much,

J.K. Evicks
Stillwater, OK

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