June and Rick Shreve's

1948 2-Ton Dually Loadmaster
5-window Deluxe Cab

"Uncle Albert"

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25 July 2005

From June: 

       Hello all! I wanted to introduce you to our "Uncle Albert." He was purchased at a local farm auction on July 16, 2005. The pics are a few minutes after his arrival. The original idea was that Uncle Albert would be a replacement for a grain wagon that had made its last trip for cattle feed. My plans are changing! Let's just say ... he bought him ... I CLAIM HIM!

       A research of the serial number shows him to be a 1948. (Hey, that's even what the title shows!) Other details - 161" wheelbase. Two ton dually Loadmaster 5-window Deluxe cab with operating hydraulic hoist. Six volt, hi\lo tranny.

       What else? Motor purrs, tranny is smooth, brakes needs some attention, maybe the original seatcover? We are missing one front and one rear turn signal, a few knobs, and a Loadmaster emblem. That last one may be the hardest to replace. And under a layer of plywood, the original (?) tongue and groove bed looks to be in good shape. It has received a not-great paint job at some point, but at least they didn't fill it with putty.

       I can't say how far the resto will go. He will still be hauling cattle feed.

       I hope my info so far is correct. Lots to learn!! We would love to hear from others, swap tales, info, etc.

       If you choose to add us to the gallery, we would be honored. Attached several pics for you to choose from. Thanks so much for the information on this site. It's great!






June and Rick Shreve
Hillsboro, KS

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