Allen Byram's

1958 Chevy Apache 1300

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04 July 2005

From Allen: 

       Here is my 1958 Apache 1300 series. Hope you enjoy. Please add it to your list.

       I searched and searched around for a great looking '58. I traveled all the way from Virginia to North Dakota to get this truck. This truck meant so much to me because I wanted a truck the year that I was born. I saw this truck on the web and called the guy up and he made me a trade with a 1999 Z-24 Convertible.

       My cousin and I took off a couple of weeks before Christmas of 2003 and drove up and back in three days. We took turns driving the truck back -- what a treat!.

       This old truck has been completely restored to 90% of originality. I have entered the truck in three shows and have won two trophies. I hope to pass this old truck down to my daughter.


Allen Byram
Winchester, Virginia

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