John Henderson's

1954 Chevy 4400 Wrecker

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28 July 2005

From John:

          Well, 2005 has been a pretty good year so far. I live on the eastern shore of Maryland and in April I had reason to go for a weekend to the western shore (southern Maryland). While the distance isn't far as the crow flies, it's about four hours by car. Before I left, I looked at the map and figured out I was only going to be a few miles from Stovebolt HQ. I sent John and Peg an email and they invited me to stop in.

          I had a wonderful visit and never fear -- John gives good directions. I don't mean the kind with just street names but descriptive ones, as what your going to see before you get to turns. I like those kinds of directions.

          We talked for couple of hours. Peg is as charming as she comes across on The Stovebolt Page. Any Bolters who get a chance, it's well worth the visit. Plus you get to see both of their Bolts.

          June finally saw the completion of the new pole barn so I was able to get my bolts into their new home. The photo on the right shows the '54 towing the '38 on moving day. About that time, my granddaughter and her husband showed up. He was absolutely delighted -- never seen such a mess before as he's a pure-bred city slicker. Second photo is of the bolts in their new home. Sorry the picture is a little grainy -- it was hard getting a good picture in such a dark spot! Since they've been in there, I have replaced the rear main seal in the '54 with the help of Oly's tech tip and Hot Rod Lincoln in the forums.

          Any way 2005 has been a good year thus far.

John Henderson
Pocomoke City, MD

          It was a most excellent visit with John. There are only two roads that lead to Stovebolt HQ in Southern Maryland. So, unless you want to swim, you can take whichever one you feel is "less traveled" as they say. If you want to see more of John's 1938 1.5-Ton Chevy, check it out in the gallery! And thanks for the kind remarks, John ~~ Editor

01 October 2004

From John:

          Found the ad for this truck the day before hurricane Isabel came thru. Waited three whole days before calling. It was still there. Seller said he had another prospective buyer. The other buyer didn't show up so I decided it must be destiny and had it hauled home.

          It's a 1954 Chevy 4400 with a later model Weldbilt body. It has a 235 full pressure engine that runs well now that I've gotten it back to life. Plenty more work to go.

John Henderson
Pocomoke City, MD

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