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1947 Chevrolet 1-Ton Panel

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11 July 2005

From Wayne: 


       I acquired the very red '47 1-ton Panel truck in 2000 in very good shape. I was told I am the third owner. It came to Florida from Pennsylvania by its second owner. The first owner was a farmer in PA. The second owner used it to haul a motorcycle and carry band equipment.

       The truck still has original oak floor boards attached to the original frame. I had a vision to make it look as much as original on the outside but modern on the mechanical and drivetrain side.

       It now tows a 1976 Airstream for family camping trips and some wooden boats to boat shows.


Replaced stock suspension:

       When I acquired this truck, it had a Chevy 400 small block with a '71 camper rear end with 411 gears and a turbo 400 auto transmission. The suspension was stock with add-on gas shocks. As we (who own these trucks) know, the manual steering, turning radius, braking power, and over-all handling in this type of vehicle is sometimes compared to wrestling an alligator in a small bathroom! I wanted to have a more modern suspension and have safer brakes and easier steering.

       I found through research that I could bolt on a '73 to '87 Chev or GMC IFS saddle with 1/2" spacers. I found a '80 Chev C20 3/4-ton in a local salvage yard with 8 lug wheels. The donor IFS came complete with disc brakes, anti-sway bar, power steering pump, steering box, pulleys and hoses.

Replaced 400 Small Block:

       Took out the 1973 Chevy 400 small block V8. It was leaking oil, had a bent push rod, was last re-worked in 1995 and the rocker arms were way out of adjustment. I replaced it with an engine I could depend on for towing and be proud to show. I chose an out of state shop to build me a 383 Chevy Stroker - 400 HP - 455 Torque @ 5500 rpm with the following features:

Gas Tank:

       Replaced original 13-gallon gas tank with custom made 24-gallon aluminum tank.

Offset Wheels:

       Because the IFS installation made the front wheels stick out beyond the fenders, I had offset wheels built with a 4" offset.

New Seats:

       Installed four reclining and swiveling armchair seats.


       Installed a flip up sun roof above second row seating.

Hardwood Floors:

       Installed oak strip flooring in all floor areas.


       I still have to replace the electrical wiring and finish the interior.

Wayne Roworth
New Port Richey, FL

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