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1942 3/4-Ton Chevrolet

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Leonardtown, Maryland


Brian Mueller
Bolter # 5183
San Clemente, California
01 May 2006 Update
# 1161

From Brian:

              Well the trusty '42 Stovebolt is finally done. I finished in November of '05 and thought I would send some of the updates and photo's.            

       The truck has now had a complete frame-off restoration. I did get the Saginaw 4 speed and Gear Vendors over drive installed and what a difference! I cruise down the freeway up to 50 MPH with the original gears and then with a flip of a switch, the overdrive kicks in and this old truck will cruise nicely at 70 MPH. Granted people are still passing me ... but I can stay up with most of them.

       The engine was bored out to a 255 CI and it has dual carbs and Fenton Cast iron headers ... probably up to 105 HP by now. It does make a difference.

       Thanks again to all the fellow Stovebolters that helped me find parts and gave technical info ... it was a blessing! I am still making and selling my Stovebolt T-Shirts now in black, white and gray.

Stovebolts really do RULE !!

Brian Mueller

Brian is a truck nut (admittedly). He has a 1946 Chevrolet One-ton Panel, a 1926 Chevrolet Superior Model Series "X" 1-Ton Utility Express Truck, a 1946 5-Ton Chevrolet COE Dump Truck, and a 1942 3/4-Ton Chevrolet.

Brian has also designed some Stovebolt t-shirts that he sells. Here's a picture of the Advance Design "Stovebolts Rule" shirt (he has others on eBay -- check for Classy Chevy USA) ~~ Editor

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21 July 2005

From Brian: 

       Hi! I would like to have my truck in your Gallery. It is a 1942 3/4-ton Chevrolet [ pix ] .

       I have always loved the look of the 1941-46 series art deco Chevrolet trucks. My Father was in the neon sign business and he started his company in 1946 with a 1942 Chevrolet 3/4-ton truck with a 32 foot sign crane on it. From the age of five, I use to go with him on the weekends and hang neon signs all over southern California. Well, after restoring several cars and trucks, I started looking for a good, original Chevy truck for 1941-46.

       I found this truck on eBay about three years ago. I purchased it from the son of the original owner. It had been in the same family since 1942 and had been a working farm truck in Scotland, South Dakota. It had original 41,236 miles when I bought it. I had a truck pick it up in SD and transport it to its new home in San Clemente, California. I backed it off the transport truck and that is when my love affair started with this truck. I have been driving it around San Clemente and San Juan Capistrano for the last three years ... it gets quite the looks!

       I decided to do a frame-off restoration and am in the middle of it now. The frame has been sandblasted and the 216 engine is being rebuilt as I write this. In order to make it a little more "streetable," I am installing a Chevrolet Saginaw 4-speed trans form a 1967 Chevelle and a gear vendors overdrive so I can reach freeway speeds. I am also putting on the 216 Fenton cast iron headers and an Offenhauser dual one barrel car set up for mostly looks. It will be painted a 1942 optional two tone of Chrome yellow below and Creme above.

       I hope to be finished in September and post some new finished photo's for you. Many Stovebolters have helped in the location of parts and I am thankful of that. I recently designed a T-shirt that I will be selling in my eBay store called "Stovebolts Rule." I have a regular store on eBay: Classy Chevy USA Parts.


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