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1957 Chevy Suburban

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18 July 2005

From Chuck: 

       Thanks for the great website! Attached is my submission, a 1957 Suburban.

       It was originally bought to be used as a school bus in rural Southern Georgia. Several years later, it was bought by someone who moved to Tampa, FL where the truck was sold again to a person who prepared the truck for long-term storage and stored the Burb in a barn for most of its last 27 years. Believe it or not, he started to use it as a daily driver until he was going to move to WA. Then he sold it to me a few months ago.

       It is 99% original. The only thing that's missing is the rear seats. They had been replaced with the school bus seats and its original rims.

       Because it has yet to be restored, you can still see the bad bondo job over the holes on the roof where the school bus lights were mounted.

       It has the 235 6 cyl and three-on-a-tree. Radio delete, basic heater and clamshell rear doors.

       While I'm collecting info and making my restoration plans (most info comes from this site!), I drive the Burb as a second vehicle. I wouldn't hesitate to drive it anywhere. You can't kill these old Chevys.

       I will keep everyone updated with my progress and hopefully one day have a prettier pic for the gallery.

       I drive an Engine for our local Fire Department - hence my forum name. Thanks again for a great site. I have been reading the pages for about six months and have gotten alot of great info and ideas.



Chuck Blinn
Lake Worth, FL

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