John Henderson's

1938 1.5-Ton Chevy

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27 July 2005

From John:

          Here are a couple of pictures of my 1938 1.5-ton Chevy. I was looking for an AD style pickup back in the early 80's when a friend told me about this one. I saw it and decided this was even better. Couldn't get the farmer to lower his price so paid in full.

          At the time, it had a 12-foot grain bed on it. I drained the gas tank, installed new battery, points, coil, wires and distributor cap. Poured a little gas in the carb and she fired right up.

          The clutch was stuck so I figured I'd just jam it in gear and the truck would stall and maybe free the clutch. So I did ... truck didn't stall ... off we went ... no brakes! Fortunately, it was parked outside with nothing in the path. It did free the clutch up! Next project was the brakes.

          I had her tagged for a couple of years then decided to take the body off so I could fit it in the garage to do the body work. Haven't yet got to the body work. After my Grandfather died, we were cleaning out his attic and found the side pieces for a '38 he had bought new. So now the choice -- go with dark blue as my truck was originally or take those pristine parts from my Grandfathers truck and go red as his was. Apparently back in the day, they removed the side pieces of the hood for better airflow as we found a couple of sets in the attic as well as a NOS head still in the box.

John Henderson
Pocomoke City, MD

          We had the great pleasure of meeting John in April 2005 when he stopped by Stovebolt HQ. Great guy! Be sure to check out John's 1954 Chevy 4400 Wrecker in the gallery ~~ Editor

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