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1947 First Series Chevy 1/2-Ton

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Owned by Tim Sheridan
Bolter # 0876
Oconomowoc, Wisconsin


07 September 2009 Update

More GREAT information on this truck on Tim's web site

From Tim :

I figure it is about time to update the Gallery with the "finished product."

A sincere thanks goes out the The Stovebolt Page for all of the support over the past eight-plus years since I became a "member." The Page and the members here have been instrumental in keeping me going on the restoration and a great help on the technical info as I went.

Just last month, (8/23/2009) the truck had the honor of being shown in the Milwaukee Masterpiece Concours event and was honored with a Masterpiece Award of Excellence.

Here are a couple of photos from the event for the Gallery. Feel free to visit the truck's web page at for more details on the restoration.

In case you didn't know, my web site started as blog of sorts on the restoration of this classic truck. I started adding various links and resources as a reference page for people doing similar restorations. I will continue to add information over time. Sooo ... if you have any original documentation or photos for the 1941-46 Chevy or GMC trucks that you would like to share, please e-mail it to me for inclusion on the site. Shared knowledge -- it's the way to go!

Well, I'll be jiggered! I thought you would still be five years away to completion ... considering you were going for "the longest restoration in history" (I think John may win that one!). The '47 looks absolutely gorgeous. And YOU have been a wonderful help to many on the site. So, thanks to YOU for your support ... as well as all that documentation on your site. Glad to see you won a prize for the truck. You should win one as a great Stovebolt Guy, too! ~ Editor


10 March 2008 Update

From Tim :

           It's hard to believe that it has been over seven years since I registered on and four years since I submitted my original Gallery entry. While progress on my restoration has been far from a blazing speed, it has been steady.

           A few years ago I started a restoration log (web site) to chronicle my restoration and the many problems and questions I have been faced with over the years . This has also served as a good photo log of the restoration for others to use as a reference. \

           I'm at the tail end of the seventh year of the restoration and the light at the end of the tunnel is visible. Even better yet, the light shining through the cracks in the original fenders is no longer visible.

           After seven years, the truck is finally seeing paint! I expect to have everything back from the painter this spring and will begin the process of reassembly with hopes of having it on the road by Labor Day 2008. At that point, I am planning a pilgrimage back down to Janesville, Wisconsin to the GM plant where it was originally built back in 1946.

           If there's anybody interested in joining me with their Stovebolt, let me know. If there is enough interest, I'll see about getting a GM plant tour set up.


           Tim's been with us a long time. He's got a LOT of information on his restoration log site. Everything from frame and body work, to grille, radio, paint ... well, really EVERYTHING! Check it out. ~~ Editor

25 December  2003  

From Tim :

         Ok, it's time to get back on the Gallery section of The Stovebolt Page. I was out here once then changed my internet connection and lost my pictures, etc.

         Here's a picture and link to many more of my 1947 First Series "Art Deco." I've had the truck for a couple years now and am slowly taking it apart and restoring or replacing parts as I remove them. My wife is beginning to think that I am replacing every part.

         I got the truck from my Uncle (Don Hladky) who had it in storage for almost 30 years. Thanks Uncle Don! Prior to him putting it in the barn for storage (until he could find the parts for the master cylinder), he had purchased it from my Dad. The story is my Dad wanted the "newer body style" (AD).

         Of course, the truck ran when it was parked. I have not even tried to start it but it does turn freely. I figure I'll be rebuilding it any how because even though it ran, I do remember my uncle saying something about it smoking.

         I have not made huge progress on it but the little things keep me coming back for more. If there's anything I have, it's time. If my plan is to hand it down to the next generation, I figure I have at least 15 - 20 years to complete it! Check out my web site -- it's a "Saga" in and of itself. I'm going for the world record for the slowest restoration that actually gets finished in the end!

         This site has been one of the greatest things -- it keeps me interested and provides me with more knowledge than I could ever ask for about old Chevy trucks!


Tim Sheridan


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