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1963 Chevy C-10

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17 July 2007 Update

From Dusty :

          Hello! Way back in 2002, I sent you pictures of the 1963 Chevy my Dad and I were working on. I recently came back across the site and realized that I never sent you an update after we got it all together later that year.

          Everything in the re-assembly process went smoothly. I even drove the truck for a few months with no hood, winning the unfinished class at the Pickups N Panels truck show in Farmer's Branch, Texas along the way. We eventually got it all together and headed out on the Hot Rod Power Tour, traveling to Nashville, Tennessee and back to Texas the first year, and all the way to Green Bay, Wisconsin and back the next year.

          Since then, I've been a little more laid back, just driving it on the nice weekends and trying to keep it clean. It is now sharing the shop with a 1979 Camaro project but I still have to work on it once in a while to keep it happy.

          Besides these pictures, I have several more, including what it looked like when we got it. Here's a good shot of the interior and another of the bed.

        It's good to see that your site has grown over the years. it is still by far the most complete source of info I've found. Keep up the good work!


Dusty Nixon
Sherman, Texas

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05 March 2002

From Dusty:

          First of all, I love your site. It is definitely one of the most informative and complete sites I have found about classic trucks. My Dad and I have been working on a 1963 Chevy C-10 for about three and a half years and are finally getting close to being done.

          It has a fully rebuilt 350 from a 1991 Silverado and rebuilt 700-R4 transmission, 1978 Chevy power steering and disc brakes with lowering spindles, stock rear end housing with later model 3.73 gears. Hopefully lowering springs will be added all around after we get it done and drive it some.

          The whole truck was disassembled and sandblasted. The paint is 2000 Dodge Driftwood. I am sending a few pictures, and I have many more and more information about the truck on my 1963 Chevy C-10 web site.

Thanks for your time,

Dusty Nixon
Sherman, Texas

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