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1950 Chevy 3800 1-Ton Dump Truck

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16 July 2007
# 1994

From Ron :

           I was fortunate to come into possession of a 1950 3800 dump truck. "Come into possession" means that an guy who I worked as a mechanic's helper when I was in high school (early '70's time frame) gave it to me. I had been looking for a 1950-ish truck to restore for a couple of years. I picked it up in New Mexico the weekend after the 4th of July. Expect to take a couple of years to do the job. Here's a shot under the hood.

           It was running when it was parked about four years ago. I plan to do an "upgrade" restore (not sure of the proper terminology) -- 350 Chevy \ 700r4 \ new suspension front and rear with a bed to replace the dump bed. It is a 5-window and the body is in great shape (no rust). Check out the hood ornament!

           I hauled the truck to Mesa, Arizona from New Mexico. Boy, what a trip! Although it loaded well, it trailered with a strong tendency to fishtail! Anyway, I was able to safely do only about 55 mph max (reminded me of the many college road trips in the mid to late '70’s when the speed limit was 55). I stopped in Heber, Arizona to rest and visit with a good friend. Sometimes the abuse we get for loving old trucks. His comment to me was “Ron, are you sure you have the right truck?” After I told him the story of how I acquired it and the price (free) he said “Ron, there was a reason it was free.” He is a kind and generous man (Veteran of the Korean War) and was mostly joking with me. In any case, he complemented me on the abundance of vision I have because after looking at the current state of the truck, I really needed a lot of it!!! ... according to him!!!

           One of the really nice things about these old trucks is the folks on this web site and all the other pioneers out there. You guys blazed the trail for guys like me and I am truly grateful. A genuine thanks to the Stovebolt Staffers for making this forum possible. I hope to "add value" (as they say in my industry) to the discussion.

           I hope to post progress pics

Ron Taylor
Bolter # 15277
Mesa, Arizona

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