Bones Engelman's

1949 Chevy 5-Window 3100 1/2-Ton

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Canada Day
01 July 2007
# 1984

From Bones :

           Here is my 1949 Chevy 5-window 3100 1/2-ton pickup truck. It's in the process of becoming a daily driver -- one part at a time. Here's a shot of the motor.

           This truck belonged to my neighbor's Dad. He owned it since 1972. When he died, my neighbor brought it to her house. When I moved to Denver two years ago, I spotted it behind her garage. At that time it wasn't for sale. Two years later, she put it out front with a "For Sale" sign and I bought it.

           The front fender got dented when she backed it out from behind the garage.

           I think it's a good start to my next obsession. So many hobbies and so little time.

           My name (yes, it's my real name) has served me well as I am a Harley-Davidson salesman. People always remember a name like Bones but would forget a Bob or Joe. Me and my wife Bridget have been collecting old British and American motorcycles for a long time. We've always wanted an old truck to work on. Now we have one. (In this picture, I cropped it wide so you can see a few of the bikes ~~ Editor)

           Please let the folks know that I always love to talk and write about my vehicles. So feel free to contact me!

Thanks for the help,

Bones Engelman
"Bones in Denver"
Bolter # 15232
Denver, Colorado

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