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1950 Chevy 3100

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13 July 2007
# 1993

From David :

           Here are a few pics of my 1950 Chevrolet 3100.  One of the other members (down2sea) recommended I send in a picture of my truck as it sits right now. I’ve been avoiding the dreaded “Gallery post” until it looks more like a truck and less like a pile of parts. But figured I’d send in this picture to wet your appetite.

           This picture is of my 1950 Chevy 3100 with my 2-1/2 year-old son, Aiden, who is quite proud of how “his” truck is coming along.

After spending the past six years building and driving an old Toyota Land Cruiser, I received an unsolicited offer that I couldn't refuse.  So Toyota headed down the road.  With a little money burning a hole in my pocket (and my wife's reluctant approval), I started a search for a new project.  The search quickly narrowed down to an old Chevy truck.  I was outbid on one on eBay, but with a little luck and some patience, the high bid fell through.  The owner and I worked out a deal and I headed up to Norfolk, Virginia, to tow it home.

           This is how we found the truck. It was in the hands of a high school kid who was trying to learn his way around a set of wrenches and torches on this and another truck.  He had purchased this truck from someone in Missouri, got it to Virginia, and had never transferred it to his name before I came along to buy it.  He had somewhat successfully chopped the top on the other truck and it was sitting on the frame with no drivetrain in his Dad's backyard.  This truck was in the garage.  The kid had run it long enough to drive it around the block, bend a lifter rod (because he was running it on who-knows-how-old gas) and dent the original front grille on his friend's truck because there were no brakes in this truck. I looked over the truck and saw it had a later 235 ci Chevy motor and very little rust. We settled on a price and loaded it onto the trailer for the ride home. 

           Once home, I was going to re-work the engine and drive it for a while before I restored it. Well, those were the best laid plans. I removed the bed that was falling apart, removed the front sheet metal to get to the engine, and pulled the engine out. The only thing left was the cab and the frame. So, that came off and I suddenly had a frame-off restoration on my hands.

           It's been 1 year and 8 months and I have yet to hear the engine roar to life, but I'm getting close. With the body and paint work being shopped out, and the knowledge of a few elders from the Stovebolt forum, I think I may have a running truck before its second anniversary in January. 

           This will not be a concourse level restoration; more of a rod-storation and driver with a little more power built into the engine, a newer transmission and rear end, and a lowered stance. This is a totally different truck from my Land Cruiser but just as much fun to work on and surprisingly very similar to that drivetrain.

           I’m hoping to have more of the body connected to the largest pile of parts (looking pretty good here already ~ Editor) in the garage within the next few weeks. I will send updated pictures of the truck as it comes together and finally pulls out of the garage. In the meantime, here's some photos from my Webshots.

           Thanks for your great work on the site.

David Gray
Bolter # 9571
St. Augustine, Florida

           ~Looks like you have some great (and CUTE!) little helpers on your project!  We can’t wait to see the finished pictures! Gallery Gal~

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