Ruben Dominguez's

1957 GMC 100 Series Pickup Truck

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Canada Day
01 July 2007
# 1985

From Ruben:

          Iíve been looking at your web site for a long time now and wanted to send a picture of my truck. It is a 1957 GMC 100 Series. It had the original 283 V8 engine but we could no longer fix it. So I got a Chevy 305 V8 to put into it. It is now slowly being fixed and the new engine should be in it by the end of this year.

          I bought the truck when I was a senior in high school (1979), and I have had it ever since. While I was in high school, a friend of mine had a 1956 GMC and we would go everywhere in our trucks with several other friends. Saturday nights at the drive in theaters were great. We just got ice chests with food and drinks and spend the entire night at the drive in.

          I used the truck for construction work carrying block, sand, cement and anything else that would fit in the bed -- while towing a cement mixer. I did this for about 15 years.

          I went to college and got my Mechanical Engineering degree and am now working mostly indoors. The truck is tired and beat up and needs a lot of work. Most of it is original and it is complete.

          I was using the truck up until last year when the engine finally gave up. I want to restore it but my wife and six week old daughter tend to take up most of my time and money. So the truck is just sitting there.

          I get a lot of offers for this truck. One for $7500 "as is" is the highest -- -- but I want to keep it. The truck has a custom tilt front end that sort of works and it gets a lot of attention when I open it up. The welder that did the tilting frame for me did not place the frame where it goes and the front grille does not fit, so I will eventually need to redo the frame. When I get the tilt front end fixed correctly (or removed), I will send in a picture.

Ruben Dominguez
Bolter # 15258
Tucson, Arizona

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