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1965 Chevy C-10 SWB Fleetside


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03 July 2007
# 1987

From Steve :

           Hello Guys and Gals! Here are some pics of my 1965 Chevy C-10 SWB Fleetside, "Goldie." I've had this truck for about six years now. I got it from a cousin of mine who managed to tear up the rear end in his front yard doin' donuts for our entertainment. Luckily, my Dad ("Big Steve"), being the loveable hoarder of all things Chevrolet, had an extra rear end at the house. So, for $800, a set of lineman's climbing hooks and an afternoon in the rain swapping the old rear end out, she became mine. Here's a view from the rear of the truck.

           Goldie has a Chevy 350 ci engine that still needs an overhaul, a two barrel carburetor, and the original grannie four speed. The rear end we swapped in has a 3.07 positrac in it so it helps with the highway RPMs. Here's a picture of the driver's side.

           So far, I've installed an under the dash air conditioner that cost more than I paid for the truck. You can see the a/c unit in this picture of the interior. Down here in Waco, Texas air conditioning is just about a necessity.

           Other than that and the normal maintenance, no other changes have been made. I just drive her everyday, lookin' cool in the old gal.

Steve Hamilton
"Little Steve"
Bolter # 15279
Waco, Texas

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