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1953 Chevy 1/2-Ton

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01 March 2005

From Randy: 

      Hey Guys! I have been addicted to your site just about as long as I have been in love with early 50's trucks.

      I bought my first Stovebolt "Fresh Milk" (a 1954 First Series Chevy 1/2-ton) about three years ago after convincing my wife that I really needed a hobby. She finally said o.k. and I begin the adventure.

      I started by having an old mechanic rebuild the engine and tranny and just started driving it around. I like to go to swap meets and garage sales, so my recent purchase was perfect for my Sunday morning excursions. On one such morning, while leaving a big flea market sale in Alameda, California, I spotted this '53 parked outside the gates with a "For Sale by Owner" sign attached. I made a cell phone call on the spot.

      It seemed that first the old timer, who had restored her, lost his health and sold her to a real estate agent, who in turn bought a big house and his wife told him to sell the truck.

      When I returned home from the flea market, I had quite a story to tell the little woman ... "I had bought a stack of old Sports Illustrated magazines, some political campaign buttons and a honey of a driver."

      The green and black color combination catches lots of looks. Outside of some new upholstery and an under-dash CD Player, I haven't done a thing to her.

      Not true of "Fresh Milk" ... it's still a "hobby" :)


Randy Stricklin
Oakland, California

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