Kimberly McDowall's

1963 3/4-Ton Chevy

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07 March 2005

From Kimberly: 

Greetings Stovebolters,

      I'm enclosing a picture of my 1963 3/4-ton Chevy. After my Dad rebuilt my Grandfather's 1946 Ford (I know, I know - but it is family!), an uncle gave him this truck, which had been rotting away in a junk pile in the woods. Dad rebuilt the entire truck, which needed extensive body and mechanical work.

      Today, it has a 305 V8. He used it for several years as a work truck, until he gave it to my brother (after he found a new project). After that project was finished, my brother got that truck, too (an old Jeep), and I got the Chevy. I've used it to drive to the University, where I am the only woman roaring around with glass packs!

      Right now, Dad is rebuilding a 1954 Chevy 5-window 1/2-ton pickup for my husband and me as a graduation gift (we're both finishing our PhDs and Dad is finishing the '54). The truck has a little rust -- a legacy of its time with my brother in Minnesota (all that salt). But it is still on the road, still working, and running great.


Kimberly McDowall female
Bismarck, ND

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