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1957 and 1958 GMC Panels

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22 March 2005

From Jason:

         Here are some photos of my white 1957 GMC 250 series Panel with dual wheels, and my brown 1958 GMC 250 series dual wheel Panel.

         The white '57 was found in Weir, KS and I was told it was used by an oil company for geographical studies. The interior was equipped with several 110-volt outlets. It has two big "jack stands" that pivot from the rear bumper and fold up and forward when not in use. The back of the vehicle can then be pulled up on these stands.

         The interior is olive drab/green, with stainless or polished aluminum ceiling panels. It had no motor in it when purchased. Note the pintle hitch!





         The 1958 panel was located by a friend, Rusty Victory in Parsons, about 40 miles from home. Still runs. In original condition but ready for a complete overhaul.

         I suspect these were former military vehicles or ambulances. One old car guy told me they were originally used to haul ammunition. There is an ammunition plant in Parsons.

         Plans are to make drives out of these in the future.

         Any help would be greatly appreciated. I would like to know what sort of commercial uses these vehicles where originally intended. How many where made? Hopefully, fellow enthusiast may be interested in them or could perhaps shed some light on who bought these sort of things when new.


Jason Brunskill
Frontwal, KS

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