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1938 Chevy 1.5-Ton Series TB

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16 March 2005

From John: 

      HI there from New Zealand! I live on the west coast in a sea side town called New Plymouth.

      I purchased a 1938 series T.B. Chev 1.5-ton truck from a guy I knew. I fell in love with the look of this truck -- the long bullet shaped lights, cool grille and bolding guards. I was not prepared for the work this truck needed!

      I discovered that some one had cut the chassis beams away from the rear of the cabs and replaced with new ones. Instead of being straight, they split outwards. I new that this chassis wasn't right. I decided to hunt for a new truck and found a 1942 series M.S. I took the '42 cab off (which was rotten) and fitted my '38. It lined up pretty good.

      Before I did the swap over, I did take the truck for a drive up and down the street. I was really surprised when I got it into fourth gear. It just took off! Could this be the "hot rod" they talk about? The 4.11 axle?

      All I know it was fun while it lasted. My truck has '42 running gear so it's not an original '38 but hey it's still pretty cool!

      I have had this truck around 20 years now. It still needs alot of work. I have never made it a priority. Kids chew up lots of money. However, they are getting older and I am more freed up. I am keen to get this beast on the road.

      I have just had a double garage built and power hooked up. I plan to work on my truck through the winter. We have Mount Taranaki on our doorstep and the wind gets pretty cool but I'll be smiling snug in my garage.

      I would really love to see pictures of my truck in the gallery. Your site has inspired me.

Thank you,
John McCabe
New Plymouth, New Zealand

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