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1954 Chevy Panel

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17 March 2005

From Chuck: 

      Just bought this. It's titled as a '54, so I think that's what it is.

      A buddy found the ad and shot me an email since he knew I'd been looking for one forever. I build custom Triumph motorcycles and want a panel for a bike hauler. I immediately called the owner. He described it accurately to me, including the defects, and the Folsom Prison stencil on the rear. Being a big Johnny Cash fan, I had to have this truck. I arranged to go get it that afternoon. Hit the bank and then the road.

      Starts, runs, drives ok. Lights work, brakes work, gauges all work. Body is pretty solid, the windows have got to go, but the stencil stays.

      I had a little overheating problem so it didn't make it all the way home on it's own power yet. Radiator is gummed up but coming out today. Needs a gearing change in the rear for the highway. Don't know much about these trucks yet, so I'll be consulting The Stovebolt Page a lot. I just recently joined the site ... have been lurking for a long time. Love your site!

      Can't wait to dig into it.



Chuck Skarsaune
Bowling Green, KY

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