Joseph Hutchins'

1942 1.5-Ton Chevy Flatbed

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29 June 2005

From Joseph: 

      Hi. I'm a new member. I'm over 50 but I'm blessed with a wonderful two-year old son who is a big old truck fan. We live in the Connecticut River valley not far from the coast. I notice you like to get pictures so I'll send this one my wife took as we rolled our '42 1.5-ton into the driveway. We ran out of gas right here.

      I found this truck on your site. The owner told me he could not afford to pay for an ad and this was the place he found to list it at no cost. This truck was bought during the war by a dairy farmer in Wisconsin. I understand that he had to get permission to buy it. It's been registered as a '41 but according to what I've read on your site, it's got to be an early '42.

      The farmer's son did a good bit of work on it 20 or 30 years ago. It's been indoors since then, so it looks pretty nice.

      Needs a lot of work to stop the rust on the bottom side of just about everything. Right now we've got the fenders off to fix some old splits, sandblast and repaint. I'm scratching my head about whether to re-plate the grill which has a lot of chrome left but alot of honest rust too. We've rebuilt the brakes and steering so far.

      Thanks for making this such a great site.

Joseph Hutchins
Connecticut River Valley

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