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06 June 2005 Update

From Sean:

     Hi. Just a couple updates.You said you expected a few cool mods ... Check it out now! Here's a page with what's happened to it.

Take care,


From Sean:

     It would be cool to be added to your alternative gallery. As far as mods go, I just finished some last night. I put in an M-37 front axle, that changed me from 1/2-ton, to 3/4 (1-ton) running gear and 14" drums up front. In the back, I changed third members and axle shafts from the 1/2-ton to the 3/4 (1-ton) changed gear ratios in both axles from 4.89's to 5.83s and put a locker in the rear axle also. I'm planning on putting in a Spicer 3053A tranny (out of the 2.5-ton trucks). They are full synchro 5 speed overdrives. My tranny is 4 speed no synchro in any gear "crash box." I've switch transfer cases from the stock single speed to an NP205.

     I just picked up a PTO for the transfer case, so I think I'll be adding hydraulics. Probably make the bed a dumper.


     Cool truck -- a REAL Dodgezilla! I called mine that after the review came out in '96 about my truck (which I guess you saw.) My truck may have yours in the power department, but you have it beat hands down in coolness, ruggedness and downright brawn. Ooh-rah Marine Corps Kill! (Sorry, you know how we Jarheads are). As a machinist mate (right?) I would expect a lot of cool mods to your truck. -- Editor

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