Shea Hatch's

1966 Chevy C-10 Fleetside

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01 June 2005

From Shea: 

      Great site guys! Here's my story ...

      I was helping a friend clear land for his new house, and that's where I saw it ... at the bottom of the hill in the adjacent field ... an old C-10 Fleetside. It looked just like the one my Dad use to own, same color and everything.

      The only way to confirm it was to get closer and sure enough there they were ... the three bullet holes that I put in the driver side door when I was 12 years old. (I still remember the whipping' Dad gave me). That was 20 years ago.

      I found the farmer who Dad sold it to way back then and asked him the price ... $50 bucks and "get it off my property!" was the cost of this family treasure.

      So there's the start of my story. I'll keep you in touch as the restoration continues! I've tried to figure out the V.I.N. with no luck. 1966 I'm guessing, but the vin's still giving me trouble, so I can't confirm it! I do know that it was assembled at a plant in Shreveport, LA. Any Ideas?

Shea Hatch
Alberta, Canada

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