Churchill Brauninger's

1954 Chevy 3100

"Uncle Jack"

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09 June 2005

From Churchill: 

       This is my 1954 Chevy 3100. I've had other classic American cars (Rambler, Impala, Coronet) but this is my first truck. It's got the stunningly beautiful 235 I6 that everyone is talking about, and my girlfriend and I just love its acceleration and overall performance.

       Big plans, yes sir, big plans. Actually this is our daily driver, doing such menial chores as hauling our husky and rottweiler to the beach, crawling up to the grocery store, and generally taking us where we need to go.

       His name is "Uncle Jack" in honor of my Gramma's brother who served in WW2 and Korea keeping those jeeps and trucks running to their destinations. Jack was a master mechanic who wrenched on motors his whole life and was a great guy who I greatly admired. Salt of the earth -- all that stuff. He just recently passed so this project is gonna bare his name.

       Adding to the family connection, I've taken my father's (Air Force) old car club license plate from the '50's (they were called the Diablos, out of Reading, OH) and had a metal worker buddy re-cast it in aluminum, which UJ will proudly wear with pride.

       Lots of little projects await Uncle Jack, and I know that fellow 'Bolters will help me out in a huge way, as already the info I'm getting has been invaluable! Lots of laughs on these pages. Lots of technical and esoteric information. Lots of inspiration to keep these old beauties on the darn road! s Also, a little explanation of my forum name: I grew up in Cincy (tho haven't stepped foot there in 15 years) and this is an ol' ballad by a country/bluegrass band. So for my lack of computing skills, I pretty much make all of my screen names this to keep it simple.


      You guys and gals have a great website/resource! I check in every day just to see if I can pick up a tip on the truck. Anything from electrical to engine. There's always tons of info. And I like how people respect the "don't flame the idiot" rule. What with me being one! Really, it's great.

      I'll keep updating as thngs progress. In fact, the 235 is being rebuilt as we speak. I'll let ya know how it turns out. then it's on to the wiring.

Well done.

Churchill Brauninger
San Francisco, CA

~~ For the last 15 years or so I've lived in San Francisco. Great city. A (usually) great baseball team. We love it. but not exactly the place for kids. So we're moving to Tuscon, AZ. within a year or two. So I'll be looking for Stovebolt guidance on a few things like installing AC!

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