Maurice Hiraheta's

1955 Chevy 1st Series

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22 June 2005

From Maurice:

       This is my 1955 1st series. I bought it in Cucamonga, California. The man I bought it from wanted to restore it for his son. After I towed it home, I found out the wiring was shot, the brakes were gone and the transmission linkage was upside down. It's a 235, dropped 2 and most of it original with many extras.

       My wife was skeptical that I could get this project done but she was kind enough to let me spend much more than I had planed. I think Ive had somewhere around 10 to 12 people work on different things at different times. "But honey, I am almost done" and here it is 90% complete. Parts from The Stovebolt Page, eBay, The Truck Shop, the Truck man, Chevy Duty.

       My daughter in the picture was a lot of help.

       I don't believe that there is a better GM web site for classic trucks than The Stovebolt Page. Thanks to the Stovebolt family for you guidance. Just when I thought I knew what I was doing, I learned something new.


Maurice Hiraheta
Santa Ana, California

       Always having an eye for kids helping with the trucks, Maurice's picture above was featured on our front page in June 2005 ~~ Editor

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