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1972 Chevy C-40 Flatbed/Dump

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21 June 2005

From Jim: 

       I found this 1972 Chevy C-40 with a flatbed dump in a local newspaper. The ad caught my eye when I read "292, 2-speed rear, flatbed/dump." I had to have a look at her. The previous owner used it to deliver firewood and put a "Goodwrench" 292 in it. It was far too handy not to buy her.

       I made the deal and drove it home a few days later. My so-called friends quickly named it "Kermit" for it's ugly green/white paint job. It gets worse when you open the door and the inside is bright yellow and black.

       Ugly truck, but a real workhorse.

       Spent a few days in the dog house until I started hauling topsoil, stone and mulch home.

       I've been reading this site for the last five years and I can tell you there is none better for us Bigbolts fans. Thanks to all for the hours and hours of knowledge and entertainment.

       Well, how did it all start? I can remember sitting in my Grandfather's long, oversized garage behind the wheel of his new truck. I would be making believe I was creeping along in first gear, down dirt roads, between the rows of potato fields. I was about 5-6 years old and didn't know I was bitten by the Stovebolt Bug.

       This truck (1954 Chevy Bigbolt) got special treatment. He parked it next to the "going to church" 1955 Plymouth Savoy. His other Bigbolt (1940 Chevy flatbed) did the everyday work around the farm. For a lot of us kids that was the one that we got to drive. That was always parked in front of the barn along side the 1949 John Deere B, ready for the next day's work out in the fields. Great fun for us city kids to be on the farm all summer.

       Got my first Stovebolt when I was 17 (1954 Chevy 4-door, auto). Got my second when I was 19 (1957 Chevy 3800). I was 46 when I got the bug again and started looking for a 1954 Bigbolt. Not that easy to find out in this part of the woods.

       I stumbled across a nice 1954 3100 Deluxe 235, three speed, that I had to have while my search for the Bigbolt continued. After four years of looking at a lot of rusty New England '54 Bigbolts, I found my latest truck online in a Kansas newspaper. A 1954 Chevy 4400 flatbed/dump, 236 4-speed. I had it hauled home and spent a couple more days in the dog house. It's about as close as I'm going to find to my Grandfather's truck, unless anyone knows where they is a black 1954 Chevy 6500 flatbed for sale?

       That dog house ain't that uncomfortable.

       Thanks again for this great site!!!

Jim Dubay
Plymouth, CT

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