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1947 Chevy 2-ton COE

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22 June 2005

From Steve:    

    Here is my 1947 Chevy 2-ton COE. I found this ol' bugger at the farm of some friends where I've been storing my IH parts Scout. My wife even liked this truck since it's so different from most others. I ended up buying it and it's now in my shop.

       These pictures show it how I found it (complete with tree between bumper and grill) and the trip home.

       If you look at my web site link (with more pictures), you'll see this truck had writing on the doors. There is a phone number "97B" and a company name. I gave my wife the job of researching the company name and the truck's history, since I can't convince her that she needs to learn to weld.

       The guy I got the truck from has several 235 ci engines that we will try to choose from to put into this truck. The existing 216 engine turns easily by hand but I just want a little more "modern" engine, with inserted bearings, etc.

       My long term goal for this truck is to fix it up (note: not restore and not soup-up) and put a flatbed on it to haul the Scout or a tractor to various shows around the area. I just can't stand seeing a neat old truck completely modified with a v-8, new frame, etc. I like the whole experience of the older vehicles. Ok, it currently has a 216 six, 4-speed tranny and 2-speed rear axle.

       MAN!! Just steering it on the way home (about 5 miles) at 10 mph behind a tractor was a BLAST! I can't wait get it on the road again!

       Here's a picture of the farm where I found the truck. The conventional cab dump truck is not mine --it is still owned by the guy I got the COE from. The owners plans to cut the cab and front end off and use the rear end as a 2 wheel dump trailer pulled and powered by a tractor with hydraulics.



Stephen Peterson
Southwest Iowa
(near Stanton -- I'm from the same town "Firechief"' is from. He's also the Pastor of the local church.)

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