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We call them "sur-prizes" because you all just amaze us that you are so motivated!
We don't have some $10,000 gift certificate or trip to the Stovebolt Heaven Junkyard. But we do get some cool stuff and fun stuff.
We sincerely appreciate the sponsors of this contest who show their support of The Stovebolt Page in this way!
Good going and thanks!

Thanks to our prize donors:

American Classic Truck Parts
$200 Gift Certificate, plus t-shirt

The Header Buddy
Set of Header Buddies

Chevy Duty
Heavy Duty Truck Cover | Shop Stool

The Rust Store
Two gallons of Evapo-Rust

Sasquatch Artworks

Original Bowtie Truck ~~ Limited Edition Print

The Stovebolt Page Mall
A $50 shopping spree

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$200 Gift Certificate

   American Classic Truck Parts has been our biggest supporter over these last 10 years (ACTP picks up the "electric bill" for our Virtual Garage). They are giving a $200 gift certificate plus t-shirts for all four winners!


A new supporter!

   Purdee Industries  (Home of the Header Buddy -- The newest innovation in exhaust technology) has donated a gift certificate for the winners choice (with free shipping) of a

Set of Header's Buddy's

Another new supporter!

Two prizes from 

Chevy Duty

Heavy Duty Truck Cover

    It's a high quality, full truck cover for shortbed / longbed trucks. A heavy duty, four-layer cover for better all around protection.  Retail value: $184.95 to $199.95

    See part #97-001 for light duty, single layer cover which works well for garage dust control.  The short bed is part #97-002 and the long bed is part #97-003.  Check out these items and others

Shop Stool with back rest

Choice of Red Bowtie -- Super Service -- Genuine Parts

$129.95 retail value // Part #98-711 -- 98-712 --  98-713


   Rusty has donated two gallons of Evapo-Rust.

   Evapo-Rust™ is a breakthrough new technology that removes rust while leaving surrounding materials unharmed! Evapo-Rust is a safe, effective and fast-acting rust remover. In addition, it’s easy to use. Simply soak your rusty object in Evapo-Rust for 20 minutes to remove light rust or overnight to remove extremely heavy rust.

   The Rust Store (sponsored the August 2005 newsletter) now also carries Zero-Rust. John did a product review on it last year. Two Stovebolters (Koolkar and Inky05) are currently doing a product review for Evapo-Rust and we will post their findings!

Hoppy Spill Master Retro Convertible Cup-holder

Rob "The Toonmnan" Butler 


Sasquatch Artworks

will provide one

Original Bowtie Truck ~~ Limited Edition Print

We got some cool things donated by a wonderful distributor ( who wants to remain secret ):


Peterson Night Watcher
Complete Fog Light Kit

Mechanix Wear Cold Weather Gloves (Large)

Thermoserve insulated travel mug
50 ounces (I think) w/Wix Filters logo

Keeper ZZZZipNet Adjustable Cargo Net

Introduction ~~ Photo Submissions ~~ Prizes

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