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Two Chevies ~ 1957 Belair and 1957 210

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17 August 2006

From Eric :

         Here are my two '57s -- a Chevy Belair and 210 2 doors. The pink one is a '57 Belair, 2 door hardtop with original Canyon Coral paint. I have the original 283 from it but the guy I bought it from had installed a 327 from a '66 Corvette with a Muncie rock crusher. I am not looking to build a numbers matching car, rather a '60s era gasser with original paint/sheetmetal, etc. Everything is original including the upholstery. The previous owner unstitched the panels when the thread starting rotting so the panels would stay in nice shape. The car was last registered in '72 and I bought it from the second owner.

         The blue one is a '57 Chev 210 series 2 door. The difference between a Belair and 210 is mainly trim and options. This car was a (locally) "famous" 1/4 mile car back in Tijuana and SoCal in the '60s. I bought it from the third owner who bought it from a friend of the 1/4 mile driver, who bought it from the original owner. (whew!). It has all original sheetmetal and trim but has a built 350 crate motor and turbo 350. I'm trying to get her ready to enter the last street legals or nostalgia drags of the season here in Madras, Oregon in August. I'd like to put a fiberglass tilt front end with a straight axle in the front with vintage looking Weiand tunnel ram setup. Something like Two Lane Blacktop's 55. I'm trying to find pics of the car from the old days so maybe I could build her back to original. (Unless she was baby blue - - inside joke, read my truck entries!)

         I hope you don't mind my sending these entries.  Apart from enjoying sharing my iron, this site is such a resource of information beyond trucks.  I can see it become one of the premiere classic vehicle sites on the net.  Anyway, I know a lot about the classics I own and I don't mind an email address for those wanting me to help them with theirs. 

Eric Pesci
"Old iron fanatic"
Bolter # 10147
Terrebonne, Oregon (formerly of Bellaire, Texas)

         Great attitude Eric! That's what we are all here for -- to help each other keep this old iron around! Eric's got quite a few trucks in the Gallery: 1957 Suburban Carryall, 1950 GMC 250 1-Ton 4 x 4 Flatbed Dually, 1958 Chevy NAPCO 3200 Fleetside, 1951 Chevy 5-window, 1957 Chevy Napco 3200, 1956 Chevy NAPCO 6400 Rescue Truck, a 1958 Chevrolet Napco Suburban Carryall. He's got a few things in the Alternative Gallery, too! ~~ Editor

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