Eric Pesci's

1958 Chevrolet Napco Suburban Carryall

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13 March 2006
# 1470

From Eric:

         Here is another truck for the Gallery. It is a 1958 Chevrolet Napco Suburban Carryall. I bought this truck out of Grand Junction, Colorado in 1999-ish. The whole deal was one of those monumental cluster-messes! I'll spare you the details. I am the third owner. The original owner bought the truck with the 235 and in 1959 he had the dealership install a 283. The 235 came with the truck when I bought it, plus all the parts to re-install it. The paint is "Polar Green" but the guy I bought it from tried to match it -- so that's why it looks blotchy.

         A kinda funny story to tell about this Stovebolt. After I had owned the truck for a few months, I decided to take her out and test the 4 wheel drive. This was my first Napco and I wanted to see what she was made of. I took her out behind my buddy's shop and sunk her up to the doors in a mud pit. I hopped out, locked in the Warn hubs, climbed back in and slapped her in 2L, 2nd gear let out the clutch and ... nothing. I can't say I was overly surprised as I was sure I was too optimistic about the ability of these classics.

         However, when I had my buddy scope the front wheels, it turned out they weren't turning. The hubs were locked out! I locked them in. -- 2L, 2nd gear again and jockeyed the clutch and ... she climbed out like the mountain goat they are. I then proceeded to bog her as bad as I could to push the limits of her ability. She kept up with my buddies '69 Bronco - not as fast - but I couldn't stick her no matter how hard I tried. Respect has to be earned!!

         Anyway, she's all original except for the wheels - which I have the originals. She runs great and is a fine truck. Unfortunately, the Houston climate rusted her more than I would have guessed so she needs a little patching along the rockers and quarters. No worries - I have a '58 Fleetside bed for this when I get to it. eric pesci


Eric Pesci
"Old iron fanatic"
Bolter # 10147
Terrebonne, Oregon

         Well, we are slowly but surely getting some of Eric's stable in here. Be sure to check out Eric's 1958 Chevy NAPCO 3200 Fleetside, 1956 Chevy NAPCO 6400 Rescue Truck, the 1951 Chevy 5-window 3100, a 1957 Chevrolet Napco 3200 and 1950 Harley Davidson -- FL Police Bike in the Alternative Gallery ~~ Editor

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