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1950 Case Model LA Tractor

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17 August 2006

From Eric :

         I actually don't know the exact year of this tractor as someone removed the serial number tag. So, any help would be appreciated.

         I say 1950-ish because they were very popular in 1950 and this was the first year with power steering. They only made the LA models until approximately '53 or '54. I understand they are excellent pullers. The bucket hydraulics are obviously an add-on.

         Apart from a few missing parts and mysterious linkage pieces, the tractor seems mostly complete and original. She starts every single time.

         Here's how I came to buy her. My wife and I moved up here to Oregon with our kids last year. Snowy winters are new to us as we're from Texas (I'm from New York City actually but been in Texas awhile). We don't have any family up here. One day before Christmas '05, it had snowed a lot and my wife's trooper was down with a bad fuel pump, parked in the snow out front. My '58 Napco Suburban was delivered messed up and wouldn't start -- a wiring issue from the transport. My '88 Mustang 5.0 was stuck in deep snow out back by the shop as I had snuck it back there to offload the kids Xmas presents. We had various other 4 x 4s that were en route to us from other states.

         Basically, we were stuck like pigs. I hate being stuck with no options. I called a friend with this Case tractor and had them deliver it that afternoon. It pulled all vehicles out of the snow and into the shop within an hour so I could start fixing them. Having a tractor is like having a few brothers around at your beckon call.

         This site only gets better.

Eric Pesci
"Old iron fanatic"
Bolter # 10147
Terrebonne, Oregon (formerly of Bellaire, Texas)

         Eric's got quite a few trucks in the Gallery: 1957 Suburban Carryall, 1950 GMC 250 1-Ton 4 x 4 Flatbed Dually, 1958 Chevy NAPCO 3200 Fleetside, 1951 Chevy 5-window, 1957 Chevy Napco 3200, 1956 Chevy NAPCO 6400 Rescue Truck, a 1958 Chevrolet Napco Suburban Carryall. He's got a few things in the Alternative Gallery, too! ~~ Editor

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